Bankroll Reload Line Slots

Bankroll Reload 1 Line is classic slot game by software giant, TopGame. The theme here is money, money, money! While this is a three reel slot game there are some big differences. There is a wild symbol but you also have the chance to wager as many as three coins per pay line using different coin denominations. The prize at stake is some 6,000 coins respectively.

The Reload Symbols

The symbols used include the Golden Seven, Golden Star, Bars, and Dollar Bill Rolls. The wild symbol is the Golden Seven which means that it substitutes for other symbols to complete the winning combination. This excludes the scatter. There are nine winning combinations in this slot game. The max wager is $15.

Three & Five Line Reloads

If you like the one line game then prepare for the three and five line games too! These games offer even more winning chances. Win between 1,000 and 6,000 coins. All brought to you by Top Game software. You can play Bankroll Reload Line Slots game with a nickel and up to five bucks but you can play with up to three coins so you could actually wager as much as $15 a spin.

Only Seven Symbols?

Anytime that cash shows up on the reels some will be added to your real account unless it is just one and then you get a free spin instead. But remember that just one wild can be swapped for a cash roll and that means more ways to win. It only takes three 7 symbols to take home the biggest jackpot.

The Other Versions

When you are playing the other versions of this game which are the reload 3 and reload 5 then you will find that there are some added bonuses and ways to win this three reel and five pay line slot game. The five Bank Reload pays out with even one bankroll on one of the five pay lines. You get back up to five coins, depending on how many you spin. Get up to 50 coins when you get three of the pay line Bar symbols. Get 200 coins when you get three Star symbols on the pay lines.

If you like to win then this is what you should be playing. There are three variations to keep you busy so jump in on the fun and play Bankroll Reload Line Slots today!