Beauty Salon Slots

We are not going to go so far as to say that slot gaming is aimed exclusively at men, but, when you really think about it, there are an awful lot of Super Spy and Tomb Raider based games, and not a lot of girly-girl games for those of us who like to wear our high heels and lipstick while having some great slot-game fun. Well, Top Game has made a major foray into the women-oriented slot game world with their newest Beauty Salon Slots! This is a great game that seems like a Barbie-themed sleepover, but in the context of a high-tech, great playing online slot game.

The Salon Image

As with any beauty salon, Beauty Salon Slots has an image to maintain, and it does so smashingly. The background is all soft pastels, like you would find in Barbie's beauty salon. The controls are arrayed across the bottom of the screen, easy to use and very self-explanatory. Everything is done in a simplistic cartoon theme that contributes to the fun aspect of the game.

Symbols of Beauty

The symbols employed by Beauty Salon Slots are very appropriate for the style of the game. Again, cartoon renderings of all, they include lipstick, make-up compacts, hair dryers, a goateed stylist, and more. All of the symbols are fun and cute in their style.

For the wildcard we have Fernando the Wild Hairstylist, and he substitutes for all symbols in all combinations with the normal exception of the scatter.

The Marvelous Manicure symbols serve as the scatter on this game, and they will win players anywhere from 5 to 20 free spins. These can compound during the free-spin session, and they seem to do so often, making the free spins, and the winnings, accumulate fast!

The Classy Blonde symbol brings us the bonus round, as classy blondes tend to do, and it is an awesome one! The Get Glamorous bonus game awards bonus points, which vary in value, depending on the coin value that the player is playing at the time. The bonus round is a pick-and-win style, but it is well rendered and fun to play.

Beauty Bucks

Coin values may be set by the player to anything from 1¢ up to $5. With 20 paylines, the max bet can range from a modest 20¢ up to a substantial $100 per spin. While this is in no way a true high-rollers' game, it is substantial enough risk for most of us, and it will certainly appeal to the casual weekend player.

Visit the Salon Now!

This is a really terrific game for us girls! We suggest that you settle into your favorite comfy chair tonight, and do your toes with some friends. Then break out the laptops and have yourself a Beauty Salon Slots tournament! It will be the best sleepover EVER!