Bigfoot slots

Bigfoot Slots, like the legendary beast that it is named for, is a great, hirsute beast of a game. There is a great deal of fast game-play action surrounded by silly, cartoon images of Bigfoot monsters and cartoonish imagery of the Pacific Northwest.

The Look of the Sasquatch

Bigfoot is designed with a witty cartoonish look. Within that context, it is beautifully rendered and looks great on a high-quality computer screen. When you log on you are faced with a quiet forest scene complete with small gentle animals and the sun rising over the mountains in the east. Don't let this pastoral scene fool you though; there is plenty of action packed into this exciting slot game!

Controls here will be familiar to regular slot game players and yet completely intuitive for those new to slot gaming. There is an auto-spin feature that is easy to use as well as the normal betting and spin buttons.

Big Symbols

Bigfoot uses imagery of the legendary Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest and the hunters of that mythical beast. The high payout symbols include Big Foot Crossing Signs, Campfires, a River and a Researcher. The low end symbols are card indexes ranging from 9 through A.

In addition to the normal combination symbols there is a Scatter l Symbol and a Wildcard. The Scatter Symbol is an animated Footprint, and the Wildcard is Bigfoot beast himself! The Footprint, when it comes into play, features a huge foot stepping into the mud, leaving only the gigantic, muddy footprint in its wake. The Bigfoot wildcard symbol is an image of the lumbering Sasquatch taking a walk through the forest.

Playing with Bigfoot

This is a 5-reel, 25 payline game with lots of fast action. Coin values may be set by the player to anything from a single penny on the low end up to a big $10 coin value on the top, making this game appealing to every level of player. All lines can be played for as little as 25¢ or for as much as $250 per spin!

Rewards in play range up to a whopping 5000 coin jackpot.

The Bigfoot creature is the wildcard, and he subs in any winning combination with the exception of the scatter. The Researcher is the jackpot image here, so five researchers pay the 5000 coin pot.

The Footprint is the scatter, and when it comes up anywhere in the field of play, free spins are awarded! Free spins can be re-triggered during a free spin session, and we found this to happen with surprising frequency. The game just started playing itself!

Stalk the Bigfoot Now!

This is a really fun, traditionally styled five-reeler. The Bigfoot slots play is simple and elegant, and the winnings hit on a regular basis. So get into your Bigfoot hunting frame of mind, and get the reels spinning on Bigfoot Slots now!