Bovada Progressive Jackpots

Bovada CasinoSlot players, like slot games, come in all varieties. There are those who are looking for video-game style bonus rounds, those who want a traditionally styled five reeler like the old Golden Cherry slots, offering a ton of free games, and those who are even seeking the nostalgic style of an old fashioned three reel game with a single payline as you would have found in a Reno casino in the 1950s. And then there are those who want nothing but progressive jackpot games. These are the serious, hardcore players who are looking for the thrill of a really big win. Online progressive jackpots do have upper limits, as a rule, but those limits can be very high.

Progressive Slot Games

Not all slot games have progressive jackpots, and the ones that do will have one or two tickers at the top of the screen to keep players abreast of the current jackpot status.

All of these games have one ticker to show what the current big pot is – this keeps ticking upwards as the pot increases in value. The value of the pot escalates as players continue to play the game and do not hit the jackpot combination. When the jackpot is hit, the ticker will revert to a pre-set minimum and begin the escalation process once again.

If the game has a second ticker, and most of the new progressive games do, it represents a lesser, secondary pot that has its own winning combination. It behaves in a manner similar to the primary ticker, but the value of the secondary pot is significantly lower.

Bovada Progressive Games

Progressive games are hot, and as Bovada adds new games to their huge slot collection, many of them are the progressive style. Here are a few progressive slot games that players will absolutely not want to miss!

I.R.I.S. 3000 – This futuristic game gives the player several varied betting options in conjunction with two progressive jackpots. The action is fast, and the potential for big winnings is huge.

Dragons – This is one of the newest games in the Bovada collection, and it features random progressive jackpots. Slay the mighty red dragon and take his treasure for your own in this fun and exciting fantasy themed game.

Prince of Sherwood – Go back to the days of Robin Hood defending the peasants against the wicked king! Three archery bonus rounds are present in this witty and fun game, in addition to an ever growing progressive pot.

Crystal Waters – The seaside theme is always popular, whisking players away to a Bajan vacation under the sun. Crystal waters marries the seaside theme with the undersea theme in a beautiful, fun, and whimsical game with a great progressive jackpot.

Play at Bovada Now!

For serious slot players who really want to “hit the big one”, progressive slot games are the only way to go. And with the huge variety of progressive slots at Bovada, it does not matter what your taste in slot games is, you are bound to find a progressive that you love. So settle into your favorite slot playing chair and get the reels spinning on some hot progressive slots now!