Bovada Slots For Cash

Players come to Bovada Casino for all types of gaming, casino based and otherwise, because it is a first rate online casino property. The options range from horse racing and sportsbook betting to live poker tables and all the video table games that they could desire. The biggest draw, however, is their huge selection of RealTime Gaming (RTG) slot games. They inherited these games from their predecessor, Bodog Casino , and they have added to the collection since, making them a true slot aficionado’s destination.

Fun or Cash?

Bovada, like all of the top casino properties, allows players to play their games in practice mode. Some casinos call this “Play for Fun” mode, but all slot players can tell you, the real fun on slot games only starts when you start playing them for real cash – that is when the adrenaline starts to flow when things get close and when the big jackpot hits. And just imagine how you would feel if you played a great slot game for a few hours and then hit the big progressive jackpot! And then you realize that it is just with play money.

Slot games all operate in a pretty similar manner, so we recommend that you start playing for cash right away. If you are uncomfortable with a particular slot game, try a few spins at the minimum coin values to get started – that way, should you hit a winning combination you won’t be frustrated by not really winning anything.

The Slots to Play

The Bovada collection of slot games is huge and ever growing, so however many we mention here, we would just be scratching the surface of a deep and vast collection. Here are a few of our current favorites that you must try.

Count Spectacular – This is a vampire themed game, but it ain’t no sparkly trendy vampire! Count Spectacular is right out of the Dracula mold circa 1935. The game includes fun thunderclaps and wonderful animations as well as crazy expanding wildcards that make the winnings add up fast. Free spins abound in this animation rich game, and the bonus rounds are worth the price of admission! This is a fairly new slot game, and it is among the very best.

Admirals Inn – We have said it before and we are likely to say it again, Admirals Inn is one of the most beautiful slot games out there. This one has three reels and a single payline, like the classic slot games of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The symbols are simple woodcut images of nautical accoutrements like compasses and ships wheels. With all this basic look and feel, you might think that it would get dull fast, but not so! If you let yourself really sink into it, this is surprisingly engaging game that is a definite throwback to an earlier era.

I.R.I.S. 3000 – With this we go from the simplicity of an era gone-by to the slot game of the future! I.R.I.S. 3000 appears to be a five reel, single payline game at first, but upon further examination you realize that you have the fascinating option of selection the reels that you are playing! I.R.I.S. stands for Interactive Reel Intelligence Slot, and it truly is a new wave in online slot play.

Tritons Treasure – This is a big and beautiful variant on the ever popular undersea or mermaid slot games. The five reels and 25 paylines keep the play interesting and the action constant on this super slot game. The bonus round is a pick-and-win style, and it works wonderfully.

Play Bovada Now!

Playing Bovada Slots for cash is one of the most entertaining evenings that you can have. So settle into your favorite easy chair and get the reels spinning for some reel money now – you won’t regret it.