Cash Crazy Slots Offer Simple Fun

While there are a multitude of multi pay line slot games offered on the Web, every now and then most slot lovers want to get back to the basics with a classic style slot game. Cash Crazy Slots from Microgaming offers simplicity and thrills, all in one! This crazy machine theme slot comes with 3 reels, 1 pay line and 9 winning combination possibilities. It also includes a wild multiplier and affordable coin sizes.

Cash Crazy Slots: How To Play

Slot machine experts feel all players should be familiar with a slot before they attempt to play it. So, be sure to look over the Cash Crazy Slot symbols and payout schedule before you even begin playing. Pay particular attention to the Wild symbol and the multipliers it can provide. Since this game is not multi-line the method of playing is quite simple. You just need to select a coin size that fits your playing budget (coin size values include: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2 and $5) and choose if you'd rather bet one or two coins (maximum is two coins per spin). If you're interested in being eligible for the maximum jackpot winning, should you land three of the Wild symbols on your pay line, it's vital you play two coins per bet. Otherwise, you'll only be eligible for the secondary jackpot.

Learn A Lesson From The Cash Crazy, Crazy Professor: Cash Crazy Slot Symbols

Most of the symbols in Cash Crazy Slots are quite classic with bars, cherries and sevens being very commonly seen. However, the game throws a small bonus into play with the Crazy Professor symbol. This symbol acts as the game's Wild Symbol and can substitute for all other symbols to help a player create winning combos where there otherwise wouldn't be one. The symbol is also a multiplier which means any winnings are multiplied by 2x or 4x when the Crazy Professor appears in a winning combo.

Cash Crazy Slots Jackpot Feature

This classic slot doesn't come with a Bonus Feature but it does have a nice jackpot opportunity of 1600 coins. When a player lands three of the Crazy Professor symbols on the payline (using two coins for the bet), they can win the 1,600 jackpot! The secondary jackpot is 800 coins.

If you want to try your hand at learning how to rake in cash, straight from the Crazy Professor, try Cash Crazy Slots today!