Cleopatra Pyramid

Almost as ancient as Egypt itself, Egyptian themed slot games are one of the very oldest styles of slot game themes that there is. And for excellent reason! They conjure the wealth and romance of the age of the pharaohs, they are often quite beautiful, and they just seem to fit with high-dollar gaming. Cleopatra’s Pyramid is the latest of this classic slot game design, and it is, without a doubt, one of the finest looking ever made. Download and play Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slots now!

Cleopatra’s Eye

The over-all look of Cleopatra’s Pyramid is very sleek and sophisticated. The imagery used is, of course, that of the last pharaoh of Egypt, lover of both Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius, and legendary beauty, Cleopatra. Don’t worry about the fact that she came along long after the age of the pyramids! This game is all about the beauty and romance of that character and her era, and it does a beautiful job of portraying that. The symbols here are all about classical Egypt with the Falcons, Sarcophagi, Sphinxes and Eyes of Horus as major players. Cleo herself plays the role of the wildcard, and whenever she shows up in a combination the normal prize is doubled. The Scarab Beetle is the scatter, and when three or more of those creepy-crawlies show up, free spins are triggered. Multipliers are increased based on the number of Scarabs that show up – with five you get a humongous 500x multiplier!

The very best symbol that the pyramid – when this one shows up on reels two and four, the Pyramid bonus round comes up, but more on that later.

The low end symbols on this game are filled by the card indexes ranging from 9 through A. Though we would normally prefer to have original art instead of card symbols, in this case the designer has rendered them so elegantly that they truly fit in with the game.

Cleopatra’s Bets

This game has a fairly broad range of interest as far as betting options go. At the low coin value of 1¢, players can play all lines for a modest 20¢ per spin. At the high coin value, of $10, the max bet runs all the way up to a fairly high-risk $200 per spin, a level of risk interesting to most high rolling players.

The major jackpot here is 10,000 coins. If you are playing at the $10 coin level, that comes to a whopping $100,000! The secondary jackpot is 1000 coins.

Pyramidal Bonuses

The bonus round in the game is really fun and creative. The player is presented with a profile of the pyramid, and he or she is asked to pick a stone from each layer. The reward is under the stone, and it can range from a few cents to fairly big bucks. When you get to the cap piece you get one final reward that is added in. The catch is that you don’t want to uncover the cobra, or it is all over!

Play the Pyramid Now!

This is a great game with fun animations great autoplay, a fun bonus round, loads of free spins, and a monster jackpot. In all, this one is a winner that slot fans will not want to miss. So when you tire of your Heist slots, come on over and get the reels spinning on Cleopatra’s Pyramid! You will love it.