Can’t get enough of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies? Joining the ranks of Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, is Cubits, an exchange for different Bitcoin users.

Step Into The World Of Cubits Exchange

Simply put, Cubits is an intricate exchange in the Bitcoin system that allows members to buy and trade Bitcoins among themselves. Within the Cubits system, it is easy to buy Bitcoins throughout the entire network, quickly in moments. If the sound of Cubits pleases you, then head over to their website, and then open an account. It only takes a moment to get setup. You can use your personal computer or your preferred mobile device.

Upon signing up, your account will need to be approved through a verification process using the IDnow system. Once your account gets approved, it is now time to pick your Cubits wallet. The default one is the Cubits Wallet which has proven to be secure and very reliable. The Cubits wallet allows its members to have several independent addresses. For every transaction you make with Cubits, you will receive a new address. Have unique addresses gives you an extra form of privacy and anonymity throughout your endeavors in the Bitcoin network. And as an added measure, all of your transaction will go through an additional layer of security, relying on the two factor authentication.

It doesn’t take long to receive your credits in your account. At most, it normally takes a couple of hours. As mentioned before, you can use the Cubits wallet or you can elect to use other trusted Bitcoin wallets such as Electrum, BreadWallet, the original Bitcoin wallet along with the Mbits wallet, which comes fully equipped for both desktops and smart devices. With the Mbits wallet, you can even transfer private information and authorization codes to It also gives you the option of transferring your authorization code to a USB device.

The next step is to add funds into the Cubits Wallet. Feel free to use major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Other options include Neteller, Skrill and other bank transfer options. Cubits accepts major currencies from countries around the world. For any questions or concerns surrounding Cubits, you can find more information by getting in touch with the company directly through email or you can check out their extensive blog which comes with many articles along with tips and advice.