GSN Heats Up with Deal of No Deal Slots

Games by GSN announces the release of Deal or No Deal Slots through their Facebook page. The 15-payline slot game is a favorite addition to casinos around the world, and now you can access the game straight through your Facebook account.

The benefit to playing through Games by GSN is that you can join friends and compete against each other. You also compete against other players around the world. It becomes a fun way to enjoy an exciting bonus slot game while making friends and enjoying a friendly competition. Plus, winning extra tokens never hurts!

Deal or No Deal Slots Breakdown

Deal or No Deal slots replicates the popular game show. Symbols capture the excitement of the game with wilds, gold bars, briefcases, and special bonus features. The top payout is 1,000x your bet, but there are also bonus briefcases that appear randomly and award multipliers of up to 100x.

Spin the reels and cross your fingers that three of the scatter Deal or No Deal logos appear. This triggers the bonus game. The bonus game requires a lot of luck and some skill as well. Choose your starting briefcase. Hidden inside that briefcase is an amount of cash. You start by choosing five additional briefcases. You want the amounts in those to be less than the hidden amount in the briefcase you set aside.

After selecting the five briefcases, the dealer calls you and offers a sum of money. If you feel you don't hold a prize higher than that amount, take what he offers. Otherwise, keep playing and see how much you can win. With each round, the number of briefcases you must choose reduces. In the second round, you only pick four briefcases. When the game ends, your winnings are multiplied by your line bet and awarded to you.

How to Get Started

Head to the Games by GSN Facebook page. The link for Deal or No Deal slots is on the right. The game loads instantly and uses tokens to play. Use the tokens to play in the Facebook page's many tournaments.

Right now Deal or No Deal slots at Games by GSN is only available in English. However, plans are underway to bring add German, Italian, and Spanish versions in the near future.

Games by GSN has many other games available too. Become a fan of their page, and the number of slot and card games available is huge. You'll never run out of fun games and tournaments there.