Mermaid's Gold Slots

Mermaid’s Gold Slots really comes alive online.

Make a splash and swim away with a lot of cash when you play the beautiful Mermaid’s Gold Slots now online. One of the most popular 5 reels 25 paylines video slots in Las Vegas you can find this land-based machine in most of the big casinos. Now this famous slots game has come to life online since February 2012 and people love it, as it’s just like playing the exact one you’ll find in the land based casinos. This game is really just breath taking in designed and replicates an underwater world just like if you were in the Caribbean with lovely blue clear water and colorful objects everywhere. Dive on in and check out everything this game has to offer. You can collect lots of Free Spins, Multipliers, find Bonus Games, play for the Gold Trident Award, a Treasure Chest feature and lots of fun Superscatter spins too. The symbols on this game are so stunning they literally swim off the reels. You’ll get to splash around with gorgeous mermaids all around the reels accompanied realistic illustrations of seashells, starfish, seahorses, sand dollars, jumping dolphins, treasure chests, and tridents. You’re going to really like this game especially when you see all the mermaids and the prizes they have waiting for you in this underwater slots world.

Beautiful Mermaids have the ocean’s treasures.

The mermaids in this game are real gorgeous and there is more than just one. There’s the red headed mermaid, the brunette, blond and black haired beauties. And they all got their own big treasures for you to collect when you play this game. For example, the Gold Mermaid “Red Hair” lets you pick a shell and reveal the rewards like tons of free spins and multipliers. The awards including the consolation prizes are multiplied by the line bet. The Purple Mermaid “Black Hair” presents to you 3 digits from 0-9 and they will arrange themselves into place revealing a reward which is then multiplied by the line bet. The Red Mermaid “brunette” gives you shells to reveal the award and every time she kisses the award it increases in value. Depending on which one of the five mermaids kisses the award determines the amount of the multiplier. And you can get up to 10 kisses per round; that’s a lot of love and spins. The Green Mermaid “brunette” also gives you a shell to pick and reveals the award. She can give you a 10 time multipliers and each colored mermaid that comes down reveals a different feature. The Blue Mermaid has the blue emerald button and she has the wonderful Superscatter feature between 1-3 that is really fun to watch and reveal the awards. It also comes with a consolation prize for now winning the Superscatter, which is a 10x multiplier.

There’s a treasure chest under the deep blue for you.

If you’re seeking sunken treasures, then these mermaids can show you the way in their underwater world. Keep your eyes on the Blue and Gold Mermaids as they can take you where to go; as with this feature they are the ones who can trigger the Treasure Chest feature. You’ll find the treasure chest will contain different kinds of mermaids and each mermaid has a set of rewards. All you have to do is pick the right chests and match 3 and you’ll get an award for the type of mermaid. If you get four mermaids you can actually double your rewards. There are also the mighty Tridents’ symbols where if you pick the right Trident you can get another reward. As you will see the rewards, features, bonus games and other add-ons to this game like the “Quick Bet” button really make this game a treat to play. Now you don’t just have to go to Vegas to play one of the most popular slots games on the strip. But if you happen to be in Vegas there are lots of fascinating and famous brands that you’ll find on many slot machines. There’s even a Michael Jackson slots machine, Sex in the City or Betty Boop is also a classic and popular slots machine. There’s also a nice assortment of US friendly Mermaid themed slots online similar to Mermaid Gold, but with some different rewards, features and jackpots. Swim on over to some online casinos that will accept US players and you’ll find some popular slots like Mermaid Queen Slots, or Crystal Waters Slots, and even Paradise Dreams Slots if you’re in the need of a Caribbean island quick getaway. Take a dip into an US online casino that has anyone of these games and before you know it you’ll be bringing up treasures from the clear waters only a mermaid could help you find.