Mile High Slots

Fun in the Skyways is the theme of this fun, silly, and irreverent game. The Mile High Club is an old euphemism for being naughty and romantic in an airplane, and Mile High Slots takes full advantage of that old allusion. This game is lighthearted and silly, and slot players and adventurous travelers will all love it. Ready to start? Download Mile High Slots software now!

Symbols in the Sky

The look of this game is a fanciful take on air travel. There is a faintly retro-feel to the game, though not specifically 50s, 60s, or 70s – it just looks like it is from an earlier era with well-dressed passengers, cocktails served in glass, and, of course, sexy, sexy stewardesses (that was back before they were “flight attendants”!).

At the low end, the symbols are the 9 through Ace indexes from playing cards. There is no re-design here to integrate them into the game – they are just the basic symbols. Higher level combinations use much more interesting symbols like toppling martini glasses, passports, and over-stuffed suitcase, and a kind of smarmy flight crew.

The scatter symbol is an airliner that triggers the Free Spins Bonus Round. The wildcards are a kiss covered and pretty happy looking man who is a passenger on this frisky airline, and a super-sexy stewardess. Both of these symbols animate when they come into play. The man only comes up on reel two, and the stewardess is only on reel four. They substitute in any winning combo with the usual exception of the scatter.

Finally, there is a lips symbol that triggers the Kiss, Kiss Bonus Round.

Skybound Bonuses

The airliner scatter symbol triggers the Free Spin round that is well designed and unique. It is much more complex than typical free-spin rounds in that the player gets to choose how many spins they receive and the value of the multiplier. If you choose the most spins, you get a lower multiplier – fewer spins maximizes the potential for winning, but the odds are longer.

  • 12 spins = all wins with a Man or a Stewardess get 4x multiplier
  • 8 spins = all wins with a Man or a Stewardess get 9x multiplier
  • 5 spins = all wins with a Man or a Stewardess get 16x multiplier
During the free spin sessions only, the Man and the Stewardess both expand to cover all lines when they come up, so the winnings are frequent and large.

The Kissing Lips symbols, when three or more come up, trigger the Kiss, Kiss Bonus Round. This is a simple pick-and-win style bonus round, but it is well done and works cleanly and smoothly.

Spin the Sky Reels Now!

This is a really fun game that will appeal to lovers of the retro and to anyone who has ever had an airline fantasy! The game runs smoothly and well, and the winnings are steady. So take to the friendly skies tonight and get the reels spinning on Mile High Slots for some real money! Find and play this game at Liberty Slots Casino!