Play Deal or No Deal for real money

Deal or No Deal for Real Money produced by PKR website is a real live replica of the famous TV show. In this computer generated copy players meet the well known host Noel Edmonds. Although he is a computer image the voice is the same. Players are invited to download the game which can be played for fun or real money. When playing for real money the coin sizes van range from $0.50 up to $100 giving players a chance to start with low bets and increase them as their confidence grows. The higher the real money bets placed the greater the potential prizes are.

Choose a Box

This real money game is very simple to play and understand. Once the game has been downloaded players are invited to choose one box out of the twenty six presented. Players should choose the box carefully as their choice is the basis for all of the game. Once the box has been chosen players are then invited to pick a further six boxes which will reveal different amounts of money. Based on the boxes revealed the host Noel Edmonds will then contact the bank who will make an offer on the player’s first box, the chosen box. The player can decide to take the offer given by the bank or carry on choosing further boxes which are in groups. After six boxes, the players then choose five, five, four and four. At the end of each group the host, Noel Edmonds contacts the bank who will give an offer. The player can accept any of the offers or continue going until the end. The more boxes that are revealed the more chances the player has of guessing what his box holds. The game ends when the player's box is revealed or he accepts an offer.

Auto Play Option

In this real money game, players can also opt for the auto play option where they can preset the number of attempts that they want and sit back and enjoy the game. There is a lot of action and tension in this game as the boxes are revealed together with plenty of excitement and crowd interaction. Although not real live television, the feeling when playing this game is just the same and of course the added bonus is the full interaction in the game as the main player. On television, viewers are just observers, in this game they are the decision makes. It is an easy and simple game to play and can be downloaded in no time at all.