Penny Slots

You only need to start searching for penny slots online to see that there are countless different varieties out there. Some of them are available to play for fun, but most people like playing with the chance to scoop a few wins along the way.

Penny slots are particularly popular, but what are the benefits of focusing on them?

Let's find out right now.

Your Budget Will Last a Lot Longer

Whatever your budget happens to be for playing online slots, you'll no doubt want it to last as long as possible. To this end you will certainly benefit from playing the penny slots, because each spin of the reels will cost you a penny and no more - unless you choose to bet more, that is.

So even if you start with a small ten dollar budget, you can see how far that cash will go as a result of sticking to penny bets.

You Will Have More Chances to Win

Let's figure this out for a moment. Let's suppose you have ten dollars and you want to bet ten cents on each of twenty paylines. This will cost you two dollars so you will only get five spins before you run out of cash. You might win some during that time of course, but either way you won't last long before using up all your budget.

If you were to play a penny on each line though, you'll only bet twenty cents per spin. And with ten dollars to spend you are going to get fifty goes before you run out of money. And once again you can build your winnings into that as well. What better way is there to enjoy playing for a longer period on the slots?

You Can Bet on More Paylines without Costing More

We have already seen how you can benefit from spending just one penny on each bet you make. But you can also benefit from being able to spread your budget to enable you to bet on all the available paylines each time.

If there are twenty paylines and you only bet on one of them, you could be missing out on winning combinations each time you spin. But when you can bet on all of them you have twenty chances to win with each spin. Doesn't that sound like a great benefit of playing the penny slots?

Casinos to Play Penny Slots