Poker Bet

Download and Play Poker Bet at Bovada CasinoBovada Casino is one of the longstanding innovators in creative, online casino play. One of their newest entries is Poker Bet, a game that will appeal to both longstanding poker aficionados as well as to new players who are just learning about the game. This is a fantastic transition game from the world of slots and one-player card games that simulate tables to the true multi-player poker games.

Finding the Game

Like all truly great poker games, Poker Bet can be a little elusive when players are seeking it out. At Bovada Casino you will not find it under Table Games, as might be expected, nor will you find it under Video Poker, which would be a good guess too. You will find Poker Bet under the Specialty Games heading with games like Lucky Wheel, Keno and Bonus Cards. It is worth the search though, as this is a game that will keep players hooked.

Poker-room Style

As is true with all table games, Poker Bet looks fantastic! When players bring the game up, they are faced with a top view of a classic, green felt poker table with six chairs at it. Each chair represents a position at the table (the dealer doesn't get to sit at this table!), and the player may play of one or more of the positions.

Playing Poker Bet

Poker Bet is a really creative adaptation of Texas Hold 'Em, the most popular casino poker game in the world. It is not quite like Texas Hold 'Em in that it allows the player to place a wager at any of the game's three betting stages on as many seats as he or she wishes. As a result, the player can play totally opposite hands on the same table. This provides terrific opportunities for novice poker-heads to learn some of the subtleties of the game and pick up on strategies that work.

On this game, the betting stages are as follow: Pre-hole, Hole Cards (the two cards dealt to each position at the table), and Flop (the first three community cards dealt in the middle of the table).

At the conclusion of the hand, the player is paid off based on the odds that are established at the beginning of the hand. For example, if the player chooses 5:1 odds, and has wagered $5, the payout will be 5 x $5 for $25. If there are multiple winning hands on the table, the payout is split evenly between them and the player is awarded his or her share. For example if one of the computer controlled seats wins and the player wins also, instead of getting the full $25, the player gets $12.50.

May Tonight Poker Night!

This game is awesome in its own right, and players will quickly be hooked on it and playing it for hours on end. Additionally, it makes for an excellent Texas Hold 'Em tutor, giving players the opportunity to play real Texas Hold 'Em without the fear of looking ignorant in front of more experienced players. This is, in short, a great game. Head on over to Bovada Casino now and get the cards turning for some hot poker action!