Practice Slots

Are you ready to practice slots? If so, review our list of the best US casinos where you will find an array of genres to suit your tastes. I found mine, now it's your turn!

Slots hold a certain fascination for me. As one who has traveled the globe, I can relive those special moments in time by practice playing such slots as King Tut's Treasure, Paris Beauty, White Rhino, Crazy Vegas, Red Sands, London Inspector, and others. From the Pyramids at Giza to the wildlife reserves in Africa; from the shopping sprees in Paris; to the northern lights of Alaska - practice slots are a way of reminding me of those incredible adventures. And the beauty of practice slots is that, in most cases, I don't have to register at an online casino, I can just choose any of the top US casinos, select a slot game on their list, click and play right on my browser - whether I am at home or at any other location where I have access. What so great about practice slots? Everything!

Why Practice Slots?

Why not? Practice slots are a terrific way for new online slot players to test the waters, so to speak. You are given $1000 to play with, and even if you spend it all, you can refresh and start again with another $1000. What's even more attractive about practice slots is that you can play high stakes and bet the maximum. Heck; its play money! So why not see just how much you can win over the entire time you play; or how many free spins you can accumulate; or how many bonus games you can play. It's fun!

Where You Can Practice Slots

We have a myriad of online casinos that offer free practice slots play. At some of our casinos, you can just choose the slot and play, whereas others ask you to register. Either way, there are over 60+ slots you can practice play, and all of them are unique. From classic to multi-line to bonus slots; all are available for you right now. If you want to start playing for real money, all you have to do is to click on the "play for real money" button at the bottom of the slot machine, register, make a deposit - and you're on your merry way to untold riches.