Real Deal Show

Out of the thousands of slot games online, none can compare to Reel Deal Slots. Based on the TV game show Deal or No Deal, when you play Reel Deal Slots you become part of the Real Deal Show. You are the contestant. You have to choose one briefcase out of 26 that you think holds the $100,000 prize. But more than that, you become engaged and engrossed in a show like atmosphere with sound effects that mirror the game show. Let's explain.

The Bonus Round

When you reach the bonus round, the cacophony of sounds is very similar to the real live game show. You can feel the excitement in the air as you begin your journey in choosing the single largest payout of any slot game online. The music does not in any way interfere with your decision making skills, but enhances them much as they do on the actual game show. The bonus round appears on a second screen with 26 ladies on stage, holding briefcases that could change your life. It is then that you can fully appreciate the nuances of the actual game show. The only difference is that playing Reel Deal Slots gives you the opportunity to play the bonus round more than once. Even during regular play, the "ta-da" sounds of a win signal the enormous prospects of what is to come. You will experience the crescendo of sounds during the bonus round and there is nothing like the feeling or the power of knowing you and you alone have the chance to win large sums of money, regardless whether you choose the $100,000 prize or not.

The Show Does Go On!

Unlike the TV game show, you are the contestant again and again. The spotlight is on you every time you reach the bonus round. Each time the banker makes an offer, you are that much closer to winning untold fortunes. Your selection of briefcases reaches its peak when the last briefcase is opened. Playing Reel Deal Slots doesn't end when the bonus round is over or when you decide to hit that Red Button! It is in knowing that you can play the bonus round again and again that signals the show does go on as long as you continue to play Reel Deal Slots.