Reel Deal Slots: The Real Money Game

In order to fully appreciate the popularity of Reel Deal Slots, we would like to reveal the beauty of the game as seen through the eyes of one who has played it consistently. You may wonder why we view Reel Deal Slots as the Real Money Game. For those of you who have played this slot game, you will completely understand. But for those who have not, suffice to say there are multiple ways to win high payouts - during regular play, the free spins round, and the bonus round. Let's take each one individually and give you a relevant picture of its many attributes.

Reel Deal Slots Real Money Symbols

Reel Deal Slots has a maximum bet of $200 per spin. While this may be considered a high rollers slot game, anyone on a budget can also play this game and win handsomely. There are several symbols in Reel Deal Slots that pay out incredible sums during regular play when appearing in winning combinations. The Gold Bar is the wild symbol. Get 5 of these and you win 10,000 coins. The Reel Deal Red Button is the Scatter symbol and if 5 appear you win 1000x your bet. The $1 million dollar check is worth 1000 coins if all 5 symbols appear. Of course, there are 8 other symbols wherein you can win anywhere from 100 to 500 coins when they appear in winning combinations. Where dies the relevance lie? Even if you do not reach the bonus round or do not get the 15 free spins, you can still win lots of money just by playing Reel Deal Slots.

Reel Deal Slots Bonus Spins

In order to activate the 15 free spins, you need to get three scatter symbols. But again, the relevance of this free spins round is that you can accumulate additional free spins while playing this round. As an example, we played Reel Deal Slots and won the 15 free spins which garnered over $8000. The reason for this big win is that during the free spins round we received an additional 15 free spins. Thus, the money kept piling up with every spin because each win is doubled. The retrigger feature is another important part of Reel Deal Slots, because the more spins you accumulate the more you win!

Reel Deal Bonus Round

The Reel Deal Bonus round is where the metal meets the road. The first task required of you is to choose the one briefcase you think holds the $100,000 prize. If you've ever watched Deal or No Deal on TV, you know how this works. In Reel Deal Slots, each time you choose briefcases that knock out the lower denominations, the banker offers you a deal. You can either take the deal or leave it. In our case, after opening 15 suitcases, we took the banker's offer of over $18,000. The original briefcase we choose at the beginning of the bonus game was worth $2000. Even though we didn't select the $100,000 briefcase, we won a very lucrative sum of money.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The relevance of playing Reel Deal Slots is that you will win very high payouts during regular play, double payouts during the free spins round, and an extraordinary amount of money during the bonus game. Of course, you can opt to open all the briefcases and hope that the banker's deal is worth doing so. But that depends solely on the first briefcase you chose. If you really believe it holds the 100 grand, more power to you! But the beauty of Reel Deal Slots is that you don't have to simply rely on that one briefcase. If you knock out the smaller denominations, you can be assured that the banker will offer a deal you simply can't refuse. So yes, the beauty of playing Reel Deal Slots is in the eye of the beholder. It requires a subjective decision and one you can make without any reservations. More importantly, the bonus game can occur again and again giving you ample opportunity to win that $100,000 grand prize.

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