Reel Gangsters Slots

Reel Gangsters Slots

While not so much focused on street gangsters this reel entertaining game is the focus of mobsters, the upper crust of all criminals, the cigar puffing money grabbers who will kill heartlessly just for cash. Take a peek at how the other side lives, the adrenaline, the power and all that money. The graphics are graphic novel quality, detailed and colourful. The backdrop is the outside of the bank; the streets are dark and deserted, perfect for some criminal activity! If the top jackpot of $50,000 doesn't impress you, the great animations and sounds will keep you enthralled. Download and Play Reel Gangsters Slots!

More beef for your buck

With 20 paylines there are 20 chances to win something on each spin. Each paylines needs just one coin to be activated and only winnings on those active paylines actually count. So the best advice is to enable them all. If you are on a tight budget then the value of the coin can be adjusted down from the maximum of $5 to as low as 1c. Covering all paylines for 20c a spin is a reel steal.

At a maximum bet of $100 per spin this game can suit all pockets. At a glance it seems as though the real cash is stashed in the free spins and bonus rounds so keep the betting low to increase your chances not at the jackpot but rather at the bonus rounds. As you start reeling it in you can slowly up the value of your coin and aim for the jackpot.

A successful bank heist is all about strategy and even more strategy

There are symbols and then there are symbols that increase your chances of winning. The special symbols include a wild symbol which is the replacement for any of the other value symbols. Like the joker in a card game the wild gives you wins where you may not have had one at all or it can make a smaller win so much more. In this fired up slot the wild symbol is the looking down the barrel of a loaded pistol. It is so wild that it is also responsible for paying the jackpot when all 5 fall on the same payline.

The loaded safe is the bonus symbol and this will help you make some extra cash to finance the rest of your underground deals by taking you through all the levels to break into a bank. The scatter symbol is the newspaper where you can read all about your own misdeeds to find out how much the police already know and keep some good control on the upper hand. This advantage comes in the form of some well deserved free spins.

The top three value symbols need only two of a kind to pay, every little something helps. These include the gang leader, the lovely lass, a perfect reward for being so bad and the top cop, always on the scene following up on all the leads. Expect some more criminals lurking around on the reels,

Plot and plan to take down the vault

Triggered by the almost bursting safe, the bonus game is wonderfully interactive, consisting of five rounds. It starts in the underground room where you need to select a weapon appropriate for a bank robbery. Choose correctly out of the five available weapons and you move onto the next level. At each level you are asked to make a selection. From stealing cars to identifying weak points in the banks defense system, finding the correct key to open the safe packed with cash, the reel gangsters are bound to entertain. Correct choices are random and so are the payouts although the higher you get within the bonus game without choosing an inappropriate item the bigger the rewards with the top reward paid out for pulling off a successful bank heist.

Free spins are a great way to make a return on your investment. The bet settings are taken from your current bet settings so the higher you had been betting the bigger the winnings from the free spins. Three newspapers on the reels award you with 5 spins on the house, four scatters award 10 spins and 25 spins can be looted for 5 newspaper icons. While you are spinning for free you can keep on using the headlines to rake in even more of the free cash.

Pistols loaded and at the ready

This game has it all, entertainment, excitement and a theme that is romanticized, not to mention excellent spoils, thrilling multi-level bonus games and free spins. Top Game have outdone themselves on this one. Give it a shot and download to play. Get the engine of the getaway car revving!