Wheel Of Chance Slots

Wheel of Chance 5 Reel Slots

This video slot is rather typical at first glance with its 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is the bonus round in this game that makes it different to many other slots and even others similar to it. It is centered around the game show The Wheel Of Fortune with the hostess and of course the great big wheel. This game has been developed by Wager Gaming Software, the largest software supplier that accepts players from the United States.

The graphics in this game are simple yet entertaining with enough symbols and interactions to keep the game exciting. The highest win on this game is an incredible $80 000 jackpot on the biggest coin size. This is a daring move for Wager Gaming and a very attractive feature for anyone wishing to take their chances here!

How to get more beef for your buck

As a 20 payline slot the first word of advice would be to bet on every single payline. This is the only way to be paid out for every winning combination that appears on the screen. Nine times out of ten it is not necessary to bet more than one coin per line. The only benefit is that wins are proportional to bets so the more you bet the more you win. When starting it is often best to bet just one coin per line, give the game a few spins and as it pays out slowly increase the coins.

The most important variable in this game is the coin size. While your coin size can be as small as 1c you are only able to get the full $80 000 jackpot if your coin size is $10. Betting 1c on 20 paylines is great with a small bankroll but can leave some disappointment when the jackpot only pays out $80.

Making meaning from the symbols

The diamond is what you are looking for. This is the wild and the most valuable. Get five of these and you have yourself a winner, even four diamonds is just as good as the next highest paying symbol, the stacks of cash. You will need five of these to pay you out 1000 coins. A wild symbol is there to increase your chances of winning, but in this game the wild has another very special feature. If it is used to complete a paying combination the payout is double what it would have been without the diamond!

The Wheel Of Chance also has a scatter symbol. Called so because they are scattered around the screen and do not form part of any combination or payline. Simply making an appearance is enough. Scatters do two things. If there is a bonus round, and in this game there is, it is set off by a minimum of three scatters on the screen. Its other function is to multiply your wins by the amount of scatters appearing together.

Bonus features of the Wheel Of Chance

This game has two scatters, one, the game shows hostess that triggers ten free spins and the other is the image of the multi-colored Wheel Of Chance. This second scatter will send you off to another screen where you get a chance to spin the fabled Wheel Of Chance. Click spin and no matter where the wheel lands you are guaranteed a prize, except for one spot. This is the BUST cake slice which makes any winnings from the bonus round evaporate. If you can avoid the BUST with confidence you can actually spin the wheel to your heart's content.

This is a most enjoyable game with so many variables to make the experience of playing a really good one, why not try it today.