Bookmaker Poker

Bookmaker is something that poker players should be aware of. It is still one of the smaller online poker sites, but it is steadily growing and, given its superb features, it is going to be one of the powerhouse sites really soon. It is operated by one of the best established online gaming companies, Cris, which is also the operator of one of the first online poker sites, True Poker.

Bookmaker Look

Graphically, what sets Bookmaker Poker apart is its complete use of 3D technology. This is not aimed at players who want to split their attention between several games, but, rather for those who wish to focus on a single table. While multi-table play is available, it can be difficult to keep track of with the rich graphics provided by Bookmaker.

If, on the other hand, you prefer more intimate tables with players whom you can get to know by following their habits and practices in play, the Bookmaker Poker Room may be your new poker home.

Bookmaker Functionality

Though still one of the smaller online poker sites, Bookmaker poker software is going to result in this becoming one of the premier members of this elite group. The interaction with the website is so easy and intuitive that players feel as though they have just taken a seat at a card table. Banking is offered in all the typical forms, including the ever popular major credit cards, and they offer cash-outs in the form of checks or even bank wires, for sufficiently large sums.

Furthermore, and most importantly, though the interaction is easy, questions may always arise, and Bookmaker poker support is there to assist, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As with all top online casinos, assistance is available via live chat or, if players prefer, they can contact Bookmaker via toll-free telephone or by email.

Bookmaker Poker Promotions & Bonuses

Bookmaker regularly features tournaments with great incentives to play, but the focus at Bookmaker is the regular, or "ring", games.

The standard Bookmaker Bonus is not exceptionally to poker players. It is a 20% bonus up to $500 matching that is required to be rolled over in the sportsbook section of the casino.

Now, however, Bookmaker has created a new poker players bonus, which is much more attractive. This is a 100% bonus, also up to $500, for players who initially fund their play accounts via Pic Club. This bonus clears at a rate of 10 Player Points per each Bonus Dollar. So if you got a $25 bonus, you would need to earn 250 Player Points to convert it to real money. The bonus is only converted with Player Points earned in ring games.

Play at Bookmaker Poker Now!

In all, we love Bookmaker Poker! This is a great new poker room that promises to attract some truly stellar players. The graphics are awesome, and the play is smooth and super-reliable. So pull up a chair at Bookmaker Poker tonight for a first class poker night!