Carnival Cash Slots

Carnival Cash Slot

Finally you can get a year-long carnival at your reach! – reliving those youth days when you would go with your family and/or friends to the carnival, play some games, and win some prizes… well, they are back in an online slot game format called the Carnival Cash slot game; a game where you will be able to partake in the fun experiences offered in a carnival once again, and again, and again – although this time instead of getting a crappy stuffed animal or animated character, you will be earning money for your games!!

The NuWorks gaming software is the responsible one for this wonderful game, which makes the carnival theme even more realistic with all the sounds associated with it, and which you can find at the Buzzluck Casino here!

Symbols and Graphics

As any carnival, you will be able to see your lights, games, and clowns (at the very minimum) within the Carnival Cash game, with sounds and everything. As mentioned, clowns are always present, and it is not an exception within the Carnival Cash slot game, where the clown, or to be more precise, the Clown Head is the wild symbol. The wild symbol is the graphic image that can replace any other image, with the exception of the scatter symbol, and thus, create a winning combination for you.

The scatter symbol, and only symbol that cannot be replaced by a wild symbol, is the carnival’s Fun House. The Fun House will activate special features for you, along with multiplied winnings!

These are all greatly detailed and colourful graphics, and light in a real carnival, you will feel the colors and lights being everywhere – I guess it goes well with a casino atmosphere too, which is why this slot game is such a great addition to any casino, such as Buzzluck Casino.

The rest of the symbols and graphics in the game include: The Gypsy, The Guy (which looks like a kid with a joker’s hat on), a Girl, a purple Teddy Bear, a green Dinosaur, a Duck (with a target on it, like the ones in the carnival games), a Ring the Bell (which is the game you hit a leverage with a hammer to hit the bell at the top of the board), carnival Tickets, a Popcorn bag, a Drink, Fairy Floss (or cotton candy as known by others), and finally, the already mentioned Fun House and the Clown – obviously the main images.

Features and Jackpots

The highest payout is $5,000 with 5 of a kind Clowns, which will hit the jackpot by playing 25 pay-lines.

Then there is the Clown Feature, which comes active with 3 or more Fun House symbols. You will be able to shoot a ball into the rotating clown, and each scatter symbol that activates the feature, you will be given a ball. The ball will then drop in one of the seven (7) spots to pay you your bonus of 5 or 10 free games, and even more free games with extra scatter symbols throughout the feature awards.

If that were not enough, the Carnival Cash slot game has a couple other great feature games to add to your fun and carnival adventure – so come in and play the slot game now!