Karate Pig Slots Game

Slot games are pretty basic in their form, so casinos are always in search of creative and unusual themes to keep them fresh. That is why we have such witty new casino properties as Locopanda Casino! Microgaming, on the other hand, being the Ancient Warrior of online gaming development, always remains at the forefront of fun and inventive new ideas, has proven their place in the market once again with this wonderful new slot game, Karate Pig Slots (download and start playing Karate Pig Slots now!) .

Kickin’ it Pig Style

The look of this game is cartoonish and cute! We love the pig protagonist who goes from being serious, showing his warrior face, to being quite pleased with himself and smiling and winking at the player. In addition to the main pig character there is are Sushi Chef Pigs, Bonsai Trees, and Laughing Buddas. There are lots of animations in this one, and they are excellently well done, especially in the bonus games. In the final bonus game there is a full-on conflict with a Wild Boar opponent, and it is great looking and really sleek.

Playing with the Pigs

This is a really big, robust slot game that aficionados of slots will be hooked on from the first spin of the reels. Five reels and 40 paylines keep the action fast and furious. Did you get the part about 40 paylines? This game is huge!

In addition to being a really large game that will appeal to a broad cross-section of slot game players, there are load of extras. First of all, free spins are awarded in blocks of 15 that come with 2x modifiers, making the winnings really rack up during the free spin rounds. The free spins hit often, and they may be re-triggered during a free spin round.

Bonus rounds are frequent in this game, and there are several to choose from.
  • Pork Chop – The Pork Chop bonus round places our swine hero as a chef in a sushi bar. This is a very cutely rendered pick-and-win style of game, creatively executed to keep it fresh. As players repeat this game they advance in karate belt status, ending with a black belt.
  • Hammer – The Hammer bonus round involves the brave little piggy breaking blocks of ice until he reaches one that he cannot break and sees circling birdies of defeat instead. Again, this is a pick-and-win game, but it is well rendered with cute animations and is a pleasure to play. Again, players repeat this game to advance in their belt status until they reach black belt.
  • Final Conflict – This is a fight game where players face off against a tough looking wild boar. This is where all that belt status pays off! Players fight the boar using their Pork Chop or their Hammer moves, and they inflict more damage (and get higher winnings) by having higher grade belt status. This is a really fun and interesting bonus round!

Play Karate Pig Tonight!

As we have come to expect from Microgaming through years of game creation, this is a superb, high-tech video slot game. Everything works beautifully, and the look and the feel are outstanding. With forty bettable paylines, this game will appeal to every level of player from the casual weekend visitor to the hard-hitting high roller. It is an outstanding and fun game, and it offers something to everyone. So get the reels spinning on Karate Pig Slots tonight!