Monster Mayhem Slots

Is Halloween your very favorite holiday? When you go to the movies, do you want something that is labeled, "May be Too Frightening for Some Viewers"? Is your last name "von Frankenstein"? If so, then have we got the slot game for you! One of the newest from RealTime Gaming (RTG), and just in time for Halloween, Monster Mayhem promises a shriektacular good time for the slot game aficionado.

Calling All Monsters!

The setting for this game is a 1960s style Japanese monster movie similar to Godzilla, Mothra, or a hundred others in that genre. The imagery used throughout the game is very high quality and very funny to fans of that style of movie. There are images of explosions and "pew-pew" lasers and shrieking populace to flesh out the experience. This particular monster movie is more likely to leave you will a sore stomach from the belly-laughs than a nightmare! Everything here is very witty and fun.

Danger Signs!

Symbols on Monster Mayhem are all very funny and clever. This monster of a game has 50 paylines, making the likelihood of hitting a winning combo somewhere on each spin really high. There are two wildcard symbols, the monsters, Smash and Crash, and when they show up, they freeze the reel that they are on, occupying all paylines for a set number of spins. With a coin-value range running from 1¢ up to $5, the maximum number of lines may be played for as little as 50¢ per spin, or as much as $250. This game will appeal to a large range of players, as a result. The low-risk weekend players will get a total kick out of this fun, high-action game, and high-rolling players who want the rush of $250 spins.

Bonus Rounds!

When the monsters, Smash or Crash, show up, it is on reels 1 or 5. The remaining reels will re-spin. The Monster Mayhem Re-spin Feature game is when Smash and Crash both show up, leaving the remaining three reels to spin. The multipliers on this mega-round are gigantic, and the potential for big winnings are Mega-Godzilla sized!


Sweetening the pot further is the fact that this huge game is a progressive, with escalating major and minor jackpots. This gives players real incentive to keep the reels spinning, because as long as those jackpots are rising, the potential for big bucks keeps rising as well.

Fight the Monsters Tonight!

This is an excellent new game from RTG. Players will love the fun graphics and the steady winnings, keeping their money in play for long sessions of monstrous fun. So go pay a call on SlotoCash casino, or any other fine RealTime Gaming casino property, and settle in for a long night of great gaming action tonight!