Slots Vendor Offers New Winning Possibilities

For webmasters, finding ways to generate revenue from websites can be a challenge. However, if you look carefully, there are some affiliate types of programs that are certainly worth your time and effort to learn more about the potential.

As online gambling through top casinos is a popular option, these types of affiliate programs have a lot of potential to provide a steady stream of passive income, with just a bit of marketing providing the potential for more substantial income over time.

The Slot Vendor Difference

One such affiliate program can be found through Slots Vendor. This is a free to join system that allows webmasters, or those with other types of online interfaces, to market to their target audience to refer players to specific casinos that are in the Slots Vendor lineup.

Of course, having a website is an important step, but there are possibilities for other online marketing options as well. There are some regulations and restrictions as to the type of sites that can be used to promote Slot Vendor Casinos for the affiliate program.

Websites advertising to potential players cannot be directed towards children, be sexually explicit or promote violence or illegal activities. They also cannot promote any type of discrimination or violate any intellectual property rights.

Referrals can be made by players or by referring other affiliates. Both offer a commission type of payment system that is automatically tracked through the software.

October Offers

Each month Slot Vendors provides specific bonuses or special promotions. These can range from tournaments with specific slots to tournaments with themes. For example, in October the specials include a Finding Nemo tournament with a $1500 prize, a $3000 Halloween tournament and a $1500 Roller Derby tournament.

Of course, there are also special bonuses, free spins, comp points and weekly bonuses offered at the various casinos that Slot Vendors is promoting. All you have to do is have the information on your website and work to refer players or affiliates to add to your potential winning possibilities.

The offers do, of course, change throughout the year. Slots Vendor will provide information to all affiliates in advance, allowing for promotions and advertising through the website or websites. The more active in promotions any website is the greater the number of players referrals and the better the chance is for an affiate referral which also adds to your payment possibilities.