Dodge City Slots

Dodge City Slots
The online slot was fun to play, it does not fall into the top 10 list of favorite slots, not even in the top 10 of Arrow’s Edge games, but the theme was a great refreshing experience. Arrow's Edge has only a few games in their portfolio and they take their time to come out with new titles. In exchange they deliver clean, graphic rich slots that try to resemble the 3D online slots so popular nowadays.

The bonus game is enjoyable, but after playing so many of these new interactive games player's jaws no longer drop. The characters are a little cartoonish in design, not entirely computer generated. The game lacks a bit of surprise, to surprise with something we have not seen before, new games should strive to accomplish this.

There is certain a lot of money can be made from Dodge City Slots, but it is not the highest paying. We rate this site as a medium earning slot game, more suitable for intermediate and beginner players than those with a keen eye of how to beat the slots.

More New Games from Arrow’s Edge

You might also want to play the latest popular games from Arrow’s Edge. “World Leaders” sets you into the lives of the richest 1% of the world. Enjoy their luxuries and live style with bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. World Leaders is also a new release from Arrow Edge, a bit more enjoyable than Dodge City but with the same playing conditions (jackpots, free spins, bonus game, and playing amounts).

“Dragon´s Cave” is set on a fantasy world were a hero named Yar is in quest of finding the dragon gems alongside the beautiful Jaina and the Shaman. Enter the dragon’s den in the bonus round and snach as many treasures as you can, or cast magic spells with your mighty sword to multiply your winnings. We really clicked with this game, that could be for our interest in Fantasy novels and story lines. If you enjoyed playing Legend of Zelda this slot game is for you.

Arrow Edge has a spot in the online casino industry as one of the top 10. But it is lacking the engagement that iSlots offer with dynamic storytelling, were players can move forward in the story line by taking different decisions, just like a video game. It is also lacking more graphical entertainment like the kind 3D slots offers.

Overall Dodge City is a fun online casino slot worth checking out.