Space Traders Slots

Revolver Gaming continues to make its mark in the online gaming world, and its mark is true when it comes to Space Trader Slots, a top of the line, three reel game that comes with nine pay lines.

Going Into Detail About Space Traders Slots

As the name implies, Space Traders centers around the beauty and the world of outer space, which in turn can mean some serious cash and prizes for you. While there is no official wild symbol, there is a bonus symbol which before the start of each game, will be placed on the reels. Furthermore, if three or more special symbols land, they will become locked, doubling winning combinations while the other reels are re spun for even larger rewards.

There is also the space junk symbol. This symbol is instrumental to initiating the space junk bonus round. It requires getting three of the symbols to play specifically. And while in this bonus round, the Space Trader himself is around Queen Bea in her lab where several items await your choosing. You can choose up to three items, stay with what you got or try to improve, or possibly miss out. In this bonus round, you can get a winning multiplier up to 88 times.

And while in regular game play mode, your winning multiplier will grow based on the number of space junk symbols that land. Four scatters will notch you a two times multiplier, five of them will shell out a three times winning multiplier, and if you should pull of nine of them, then a 20 times winning multiplier will be yours.

The other game icons are the game logo, Queen Bea herself, the Space Trader, the robot, the rocket, a pot of gems, a money planet, cars, appliances, and even a crater. The goal is to get three of a kind of an icon to win. And watch the reels spin and animate when you do score a win.

Space Traders Slots lets you fly out into orbit and place your own bets, or you can have it play out in auto play mode. You can access the pay table for icon amounts as well as an option button where you can adjust game settings like reel speed. Space Traders Slots is a flash based game which can be played straight online or it can be downloaded to your mobile device.