Purrfect Pets Slots

If you're into cute pets, then you're going to love the latest slot to hit the gaming world: Purrfect Pets. This 5-reel game is all about puppies, kittens, and all the items that they love playing with. You'll also see some cool animations involving these adorable animals.

This is especially true with the Cats vs. Dogs feature, where the puppy and cat jump off the reels and start bouncing around. When they jump off the reels, you'll also hear them barking and meowing. Symbols in this game include: a kitten in a cup, dog in a suitcase, mouse toy, dog food bowl, dog collar, cat food, milk bottle, kitten w/ heart shape, and dog w/ heart shape.

Aside from the cute symbols and Cats vs. Dogs feature, we also like the background and graphics to this game. You'll see two backgrounds, including an outdoor scene and a living room. The graphics remind us of other new slots like Popinata and Secret Symbol, along with an upcoming slot in Cash Bandits 2.