Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots

Rival Gaming is becoming well known for their development of the i-slot, also known as the interactive slot. From autoplay where the player sits back and does nothing to the opposite pole where the story is created by your actions. The slot has three stages and you can advance to the next stage or get caught and have to go back to a previous stage. They are all laid out in the perfect strategic order and you can actually view the plan at any time by clicking on the map. So now you get a chance to be the bad guy and walk off with the cash. Not for the faint hearted nor the meek and mild. This is a reel game with slots in-between. The prizes are in the action to get ready to create your own story line and determine your own prizes. Download and start playing Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots.

Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots game plan

While the game may seem complicated, it isn't once your bet settings are out of the way. You have 15 paylines and 5 coins per line. That means that should you decide to play more than one coin per line your spoils will be multiplied by the amount of coins you placed on each line. The value of the coin can be set from 1c to $1. Making sure each line is active your bet can range from 15c up to $75.

The game map shows all levels and bonus rounds that lead you to the next level. The Plan is level one. The aim of the game is to move on up the different stages in The Game Map by means of bonus rounds. During each bonus round you can either get caught and move back to the lower level or escape and keep on going towards the end goal of blowing up the bank vault. The bonus rounds are not the exclusive rights of those betting max so to be sure to have your piece of the action, keep your bet low but all lines covered. Lower your bet with the value of the coin or the number of coins per line until you are happy that your bet size will see you through to a bonus round.

Scatters, scatters and even more scatters

The Tommy Gun is the scatter in the first round, which means they do not have to fall on the same payline for scatter wins to come into effect. Five Tommy Guns will pay you 35 times your bet. Had you been playing max bet you could be whistling to the tune of $2,625. A minimum of three will set off the Tommy Gun Bonus Round where you get to take shots at targets. Shooting the correct target and revealing the key to the bank will land you into round two. The wrong target will get you caught and send you back in handcuffs.

Getting to the second stage will activate another two scatters for you. This is the Policeman and the Vault. Five of these scatters on level two of this game will pay you a killer 500 times your wager. Your $75 max bet will seem like a lost coin amongst the $37,500! Three of any of these two scatters will give you the opportunity to play a bonus round and advance you to the Dynamite Round, the last stage in the plan. The policeman though he pays, will send you right back to where you came from. Who can blame him, it's his job!

In the third stage the two new scatters are The Dynamite and The Getaway. These act much the same as the second stage scatters with the same value in scattered wins. The dynamite scatter is special though. It awards free spins and even 2 of these symbols can land you a single free spin while all five dynamite icons can reward you with 25 spins, where all winnings are multiplied by five, to go to town with. Hit the jackpot now and we are talking more than $18,000.

The Getaway also offers free spins. Three of these icons together on the screen will prompt you to choose a gangster to show how many free spins you have won. Then move on to choose one of 4 locked bank vaults to reveal the multiplier.

Game, Plan, Action

The game is full of many other symbols that animate and help to unwind the story as you go along. The story is in your hands. For slot enthusiasts and arcade junkies this is no predictable tale. Ace this game through toil and trouble and being the bad guy can pay.