Royal Reels Slots

Royal Reels is a spectacular new slot game from one of our favorite gaming software developers, Betsoft. As with all Betsoft games, Royal reels is amazing to look at. Unlike the other Betsoft games, it is not a 3D cartoon story, but is rather a traditionally styled game. That, however, does not diminish its beauty in any way.

Regal Style

Royal Reels sports five reels and 30 paylines in gorgeous style suitable for a monarch. It also features a fun pick-and-win bonus round

Everything about this game is gold and riches and is made to appear as something that one might find in Buckingham Palace. The reel dividers and the borders are gilt framed, and the theme of red carpets and curtains carries on throughout.

The symbols used in Royal Reels fit in perfectly with the royal theme. The card indices from 10 through Ace are used for the lower level combinations. Above that are Cherries, Diamonds, jewels and Plumbs. These are all static when they appear on the screen, but when they are parts of winning combinations they each have unique animations. All the symbols are beautifully and richly rendered.

Coin values range from 2¢ up to $1. The maximum number of coins that may be bet is 150, so all lines can be played for as little as $3 or as much as $150. This makes this game appealing to all levels of players from the penny-slot fan to the high-roller.

Royal Riches

The gorgeous diamond is the wildcard, and it takes the place of any other symbol in winning combinations with the exceptions of the crown and the "click me" gem.

The round sapphire, emerald and diamond icons activate the "click me" bonus when three or more of them show up on an active payline. The player is allowed to click on only one of the icons for an instant bonus.

When the crown comes up, another click-and-win award is in play. Again, the player chooses one of the crowns and is immediately awarded a great bonus.

Play Like Royalty Tonight!

By Betsoft standards, Royal Reels is a super simple game. Despite its simplicity, however, it is a stunningly beautiful game to look at, and like all other Betsoft games, this is one that will show your top-end computer screen off to its best advantage.

So head over to your favorite casino now and get some Royal Reels spinning for real money! This is a game that every slot player will love!