Summer Ease Slots

Rival have done it again with their brand new Summer Ease slots game which has been launched in perfect time for the summer sun of many countries around the world. In this five reel twenty payline slots game, the beauty of summer is relayed through the reels where you will find BBQ's mixed with sunbathing beauties, Picnics and fishing, snorkeling and flowers and even sandcastles too. All of the symbols are bright and colorful and effuse a cheery and fun loving atmosphere which is what the summer is all about.

Two Bonus Games

You can place a wide range of coin bets when playing this game and there is also the opportunity to play the auto play feature. The auto feature allows you to set the number of spins that you want the game to run for consecutively and it will come to stop when you finish the free spins or when you hit the bonus game. When playing Summer Ease slots there are two exciting bonus games. If you land three or more of the boat scatter symbol on your screen you are taken to a new screen where you can play the boat bonus game. In this game you have full control over the speed boat in front of you and have to work your way to the end of the course by avoiding the buoys which are put in your way. The more buoys you hit the more your bonus wins can be. This is a fully interactive game, a bit like an arcade game and lots of fun.

The Fun of Summer Months

The other bonus game is activated when three or more of the bicycle symbols appear on your screen. In this case you can win from 10 up to 75 free spins during which all the winnings are tripled. Free spins and bonus boat races all add to the great atmosphere that this new and exciting slots game offers. Once you start playing Summer Ease slots the fun and excitement of the summer will draw you in together with the many great opportunities that this game offers. With the brightly colored symbols that ooze summer fun together with the some of the romantic promises that the summer months hint at and the heat of the sun itself, this game is a perfect break from the outdoors while still allowing you to remain in part of the atmosphere of the summer. It is not a game to be missed and has come at the perfect time for the summer months.