BookMaker Mobile

In this era of smartphones and tablets, we knew that mobile gaming would be taking giant leaps forward, and BookMaker Casino has taken the first giant steps into the wave of the 21st century. By leveraging current, high-tech mobile technologies, players can now play wherever they are. This is a giant step forward for players everywhere.

BookMaker Products

In the past, mobile applications have offered a limited selection of games that were available in the portable format, but not so with BookMaker mobile! BookMaker mobile BlackBerry app, as well as all the other BookMaker mobile applications, provides access to all the same content as in their full online casino. The graphics, the functionality and the over-all quality is identical to the version of BookMaker that is found online for full-sized computers.

Mobile players have full access to the casino games, to the poker room, and to the vast sportsbook - whatever your gaming taste, BookMaker Mobile has an option for you.

Mobile Registration

At BookMaker, there is a single registration and login. If players are registered at the online casino, then they have full access to the mobile version as well. No secondary registration is required - just log in and start to play!

Device Support

The vast majority of mobile devices are supported on BookMaker mobile. If you own a smart-phone or a tablet with Internet access, you are ready to go with the BookMaker Casino software. Whether you use an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or an Android, there is a BookMaker application for you. In addition, the ever growing collection of tablet devices available are also supported.

Mobile Promotions

Mobile players may also sign up for special promotions sent to them via text. These promotions are exclusive to mobile users, and they range in type from free money to special tournaments. These are not available to non-mobile users, so the pool of competitors is limited, and the odds of winning go way up.

Currencies Supported

BookMaker Casino supports a wide range of languages in play, making it friendly to players from all regions. What is even better, they support currencies from many nations and regions, so managing your play funds is easy and familiar.

Logging On

Once you are set up on your mobile device, logging into the casino is easy. All you need to remember is your phone number - the rest is in memory. This is an outstanding feature for when you want to grab a few spins on the slot game at lunch, but don't have time to spare. A quick log-in, and you are ready for fun!

BookMaker Mobile Support

As with the land-based casino, BookMaker has 24 hour support available every day. If you have questions or problems with the casino, operations, or banking, just give a call on their toll-free phone number or access their convenient online chat support.

Play BookMaker Mobile Now!

There is no longer a reason to wait for the evening or the weekend to get some of your favorite games in - now they are available to you every day and all the time. So take some time on your lunch break and spin some reels or grab a hand of poker at BookMaker right now!