Head Hunter Slots

If you are familiar with the animated cartoon or Tarzan movie, then this game will feel very much like it too (at least to some of the Tarzan versions, given there have been so many with different feels to it). If Tarzan will not do it, then think of old school British hunters (like in the movie Jumanji), with the long, thick moustache, the big hunting rifle, and the kaki suit and hat. You will really feel as if you were in the jungles of the Congo or somewhere else in Africa, hunting for the ultimate prize – your winning prize – under the constant rhythm of the African drums. Download game software and start your journey with Head Hunter Slots

Symbols and Graphics

This Head Hunter slot game is fun-packed with wondering imagery, graphics that fit extremely well with the theme of the game, with the goal to achieve the ultimate jungle experience. We have the Adventurer (or old school British Hunter as we might know him best), the king of the jungle – the Lion, with a bone in his mouth, a comically looking Monkey, a two-horn Rhino, a Crocodile, a purple Python, a Hut, a Cauldron (or big witch-style pot or kettle), a Map, a beautiful red Flower, a Canteen, and a Drum (with the drum sticks being a pair of bones).

These are not all the graphics actually, apart from the Adventurer who might seem to be the main character of the game, and who is also the scatter symbol, which can activate the feature game(s), we have the wild symbol(s) not yet mentioned.

The wild symbol, or symbols in this particular case, is 1 Pygmy (or local aboriginal/native person with a wooden spear, and wooden shield), 2 Pygmies, 3 Pygmies, 4 Pygmies, and 5 Pygmies (almost a tribe if we had kept going on this route). These wild symbols appear only on the 3rd reel, but they can substitute any other symbol in the bunch (with the exception of the scatter symbol) to give you a winning combination.

Features and Jackpot

We start off with the Feature Guarantee, which is guaranteed free games after you play a certain amount of times and spins. There is a meter that will show you the amount of spins remaining for your free games, which start off at 150 needed spins. Once there, you will also need to play 5x your bet for them and at the 50 pay-line. You may also trigger it instantly instead of waiting for the whole 150 spins to go by if you select “Play” on the Instant Trigger Change, which if you get it, a green slot will light-up – otherwise a red one will show up instead.

We also have the 7 free games awarded when you get 3 or more scatter symbols appear, given you double your winnings.

And if that were not enough, you still have the jackpot for your chance at $7,500 easy – in addition to a wonderful jungle adventure, hunting down your big prize, your big pay day!