Oddsmaker Casino

Oddsmaker is a well-known online sports book, catering to every sports aficionado’s desire to place bets on just about every major sporting event worldwide. But something that a lot of players do not realize is that Oddsmaker Casino has a full line of traditional casino games, built on their own proprietary software platform, giving them a collection of unusual and awesome games.

Oddsmaker Promotion Code

Oddsmaker offers an exclusive and very special $1000 sign-up bonus when you enter their promo code. The code must be entered at the time of the initial deposit, and it matches 100% of that deposit up to a maximum of $1000. The promo code is AFF100P1234. The great thing about this bonus is that players also get extras in the form of added Oddsmaker poker tournaments, Oddsmaker.com Casino, and the Oddsmaker Sports Book.

Oddsmaker Games

The casino side of Oddsmaker is solid, though not as special-effects oriented as many. The games work well, however, and they are excellent, especially so for slot game players who really love good, old-fashioned slots that are not heavy with bells and whistles. The best part about the Oddsmaker review of slots is that they are unique to Oddsmaker Casino, and players will not find them anywhere else. Here are a couple of their terrific games that must not be missed when visiting Oddsmaker:

Roughneck Reels – This is a variant of the ever-popular “Oil Baron” themed slot game. The symbols are those of oil drilling and oil derricks, and the money can be a true oil strike. This is a really fun and engaging game with five-reels and nine paylines. The animations are simple, but the background graphic of an oil derrick is really impressive and sets this one apart from the crown. We recommend this game highly.

Free Spin Saloon – Again, this is a pretty simple game, but it the graphics are tremendous and it works perfectly. This is a cartoonish variant of the popular Wild West theme, and it has five reels and twenty-five paylines, enough to keep the winning combinations constant. Coin values here may be set low or high, and the game accepts up to five coins per line. While it is not a true “high-roller” type of game, it offers plenty of risk to keep it exciting for most of us.

Fast Lane – This unusual game has a trucker theme. It is a simple three reel, single payline game, but it still has those wonderful graphics of the other Oddsmaker games.

Beat the Odds at Oddsmaker!

We love Oddsmaker., not only for the sports book and the terrific table games, but also for this new and growing collection of slots. Settle yourself in your favorite gaming station and head over to Oddsmaker Casino now, make use of that fantastic bonus, and get the reels spinning for some real money!