Online Casinos in the United States

Playing Online Casinos in the United States

We love online gaming. We also love living in the United States! Normally there is no conflict with living in the USA, but sometimes there is. The problems arise when dealing internationally. The United States are, in fact, 50 fairly independent states with their own governments and regulations. They are often quite similar in their laws, but sometimes those laws vary tremendously, and, living in the USA, we embrace that opportunity for difference. Outside the USA, however, certain industries have a good deal of trouble meeting the regulations of all 50 states and the federal government as well. The online gaming industry is one of those.

Best US-friendly Online Casinos

The Troubles with Independence

There are essentially two conflicts that the online gaming industry has with dealing with the United States: local morality laws and tax reporting.

Morality Laws – Anti-gambling laws are a longstanding tradition in some regions of the USA. Some are established by communities because of religious predilections, others are put in place as a control measure for local organized crime, and still others are attempts to mitigate gambling addiction. Because these are all local or state laws, they are enforced differently from state to state – some consider online play to be off-shore, and none of the local government’s business, others consider the player to be breaking the law while gaming at his or her computer console in the USA. Furthermore, some states will pursue the online casinos that are off-shore if players are using them while sitting in the state where gambling is illegal. While we would not have the federal government dictate what local laws should be, we do believe that the choice to break the law rests with the player, not with the provider, and the local jurisdictions should not be allowed to pursue a casino in the Cayman Islands because a player in Illinois decided to spin a few reels on a Friday afternoon!

Tax Reporting – Income is taxed by the federal government and by most US state jurisdictions too. As a result, an offshore casino has to figure out how to report in each and every jurisdiction if they are going to deal with the US. If you have ever had a casino payout check take two months to get to you, this is the reason why.

The Great Part about the USA

While it is true that it is not always easy to deal with the United States, more and more casinos are figuring out how to do so. Even though it can be a challenge, it is one worth facing for casinos, because the US offers a huge market of eager players. We really want to see RealTime Gaming (RTG) come back to the US shores! They did deal with us for a while, but backed out a few years ago, and we miss them. We are missing out on some terrific casino properties like Locopanda Casino and Classycoin Casino, among others. These are wonderful casino properties that we have had opportunity to play, but most US based players do not have access to them. We really hope that RTG will re-enter the US market and make these fantastic casinos available to the many thousands of US based players.

With more open US play, we will certainly see some of the top US land-based casinos opening online presences. Imagine playing The Venetian or Paris Las Vegas on line! We think that the MGM Grand will be the first to venture into the online casino market. It is a perfect marriage with their background in all sorts of entertainment. Players can spin the reels or play their favorite table games for a while, then head over to their movie tab for hot, current streaming movies!

Playing in the USA

While RTG is not yet here, there are loads of fantastic online casino properties that are accessible to US players, so while we are waiting, head over to Bovada Casino or Liberty Slots Casino or any of the other great US friendly online casino properties and enjoy a long evening of fun, exciting play.