Reel Deal Slots Symbols

There is an old expression that goes: "The devil is in the details." While there might not be a devil in the Reel Deal Slots symbols, they are nonetheless the key to a successful run. Let's take a look at all the symbols because each one plays a role in winning high payouts and advancing you to free spins and the ultimate bonus round.

The Gold Bar Symbol

The Reel Deal Slots has the Gold Bar symbol as a wild symbol. It means that it substitutes for other symbols to complete a winning combination. The Gold Bar symbol does not substitute for the scatter symbol, and does not complete scatter winning combinations. When the Gold Bar symbol appears 5 times, you can win 10,000 coins!

The Deal Red Button Symbol

When the Deal Red Button appears 3 or more times, this triggers the Free Spins Bonus Feature wherein you will win 15 free spins. All winnings are doubled and there is a retrigger feature in which you can win additional free spins during this round.

The Gold Briefcase Symbol

When 3 Gold Briefcase symbols appear on any active pay-line activate, the Bonus Round commences. Played on the second screen, you begin a journey to vie for the $100,000 prize by selection a series of briefcase in 10 rounds of play.

Symbols by Any Other Name Are Just as Sweet!

While the three main symbols are very important in Reel Deal Slots, these symbols are just as important when appearing in a winning combination or along with the Gold Bar Wild symbol:

  • The $1 Million Check Symbols: Get 5 $1 Million Check symbols and you win 1000 coins.
  • The Banker Symbol: Get 5 Banker symbols and win 500 coins.
  • The Reel Deal Cell Phone Symbol: Get 5 of these symbols and win 400 coins.
  • The MC Symbol: 5 of these symbols will earn you 300 coins.
  • The Women: 5 of the Red-Head or Brunette symbol will earn you 200 coins.
  • The Money Symbols: 5 of the 3 stacks of dollar bills; 5 of the 2 stacks of dollar bills; or one stack of the dollar bills wins you 100 coins.