Slot Tournaments at Slotastic Casino

World renown for their incomparable array and selection of slot games, Slotastic Casino continues to push the envelope with their formidable, and rewarding tournaments.

An Inside Look At The Tournaments

Wanting nothing more than their members to be happy and to win, Slotastic offers several lucrative, challenging and entertaining tournaments where you can compete against others members to test your metal based on their top notch slot games. It pays to keep abreast with the schedule to figure out which slot game is on the menu for that tournament. These tournaments feature low buy ins or some instances, some of which are completely free. It is also important to note that the more credits you have accrued, the better positioning you can get when you play in these tournaments. The higher your position on the leader board, the more success you stand to gain while playing. And while everyone won’t win per say, don’t fret because the buy ins are very user friendly as well.

An extremely popular tournament is known as the weekly free roll. The weekly free roll tournament appropriately features free entry fees, and the jackpot is normally a hundred dollars. The aim is for players to finish as high as they can on the leader board to make sure you win something every week when the tournament renews itself.

In addition to the weekly free roll, Slotastic provides several daily, weekly and monthly tournament games. It is important to keep up with the schedule to track whether or not your favorite game is being played in a tournament. Slotastic serves as the dedicated and attentive host, while Real Time Gaming serves as the game engine to all the magnificent slot games.

Some of the hit slot titles you can expect, is Achilles, which serves as ode to the legendary Trojan War led by the demigod, Achilles. You can also expect other hit games like Cash Bandits and Cash Bandits 2, two wacky, crime riddled games where it pays to follow the trail of an expert bank robber. If you think you’ve got the stuff to compete against players from around the world, then put some money down on your preferred slot game tournament, which comes in the form of weekly free rolls, daily games and monthly tournaments. You can play them directly online or download them to your computer or your preferred mobile device.