Bovada Withdrawal Options

Bovada is a stellar casino and gaming property that offers every type of casino game plus a high-tech poker room, a sports book, and a terrific race book. This variety is unmatched, and it makes opening an account with Bovada exceptionally attractive.

After you have hit your big win at the track or on the Glitz & Glamour slot game, you will likely want to cash out. Luckily for you, Bovada, like its illustrious predecessor, Bodog Casino , makes cashing out incredibly easy. As a player, you have three easy-to-use options, check by courier, and MyPaylinQ.

As with all casino payouts, payouts requested from Bovada involve a processing period after the request is made and before the actual payment is transferred to the winner. The typical period is about three weeks, but this can vary tremendously depending on the manner of transfer and where the money is going.

Check by Courier

Before you ask for a check by courier be absolutely certain that the address in your account information as displayed on the payout page is correct. Once processing starts, it is very difficult, or even impossible, to change it. For the check by courier, be certain that you have provided a physical address – Bovada does not send checks to PO Boxes, civilian or military.

Checks are processed for a maximum amount of $3000. If your request is for more than that, they will send it in increments of $3000, one check every five to seven business days, and each check will incur a separate charge. If you have several payouts pending in amounts that total less than $3000, you may request that they be combined onto one check, thereby incurring a single service fee.

Should a check be destroyed or lost, a stop payment may be requested through customer service. This will incur a service fee for the stop payment as well as for the issuance of a new check.

Rapid Transfer

Rapid transfer is specifically for smaller amounts totaling less than $800. This is available to you of you have elected to fund your Bovada play account via rapid transfer. Fees vary for this service dependent upon how much the total amount requested is. If you wish to make use of the rapid transfer method but are not sure if you qualify for it, please contact Bovada’s toll-free customer service line at any time and they will see if you can use it and assist in setting it up for you.


Again, if you have funded your Bovada play account via MyPaylinQ, then you are already set up to request payouts via this easy-to-use and safe method. If you are not set up with them, it is a quick set-up and a great way to process your play money between casino properties or to take payouts. In order to set up a MyPaylinQ account, visit their website at to get started.

Play With Your Money!

Bovada is a huge and fun place to play, and they make it as easy and painless as possible to get your winnings to you. It is an inherently slow process because you are moving money off-shore and bringing it back on-shore, and that raises red flags for government watchdogs who are keeping an eye out for criminal money laundering. Be patient and keep your play money separate from your living expenses, and it will get to you.

Have fun playing with your Bovada funds!