Builder Beaver Slots

There are so many slot games on the online gaming market that it is really hard to come up with really creative themes anymore, and we get tired of the constant repetition of the heist slots thing. Builder Beaver slots has taken the wildlife theme, and brought in nature’s construction worker to create a fun and original theme slot game with great graphics and perfect play. It is a product of the old standby, RealTime Gaming (RTG), so we really could expect no less.

Building the Builder Beaver

This game has been anticipated from RTG for some time, and they have lived up to their reputation for fine playing slot games. This is a straightforward slot game with no bonus round, but with plenty of free spins and top notch graphics.

The look here is all cartoons and fun. The Builder Beaver character is the foreman of the construction site, and he is assisted by a number of other cartoon animals in their happy playground of a forest. While the look is whimsical, it is excellently rendered, elevating it from the typical cartoon renderings. This is one that will make good use of your HD computer screen.

RTG has come a long way in sound design in recent years, moving away from the white “casino floor” noise on the games of five years ago, to full-fledged sound design in their current games. Builder Beaver features an excellently rendered, witty sound design full of Wild-West noises and sounds appropriate for a back country construction site.

Playing With the Beaver

This is a game that is definitely targeted at mainstream players, as opposed to high rollers. The coin values here range from 1¢ up to $1. With 25 paylines in play, the top bet can range from a modest 25¢ up to $25. The two jackpots are progressive, maxing out at 10,000 coins.

The Signpost is the scatter symbol, and when three of them appear anywhere in the field of play, 10 free spins are awarded with a 2x multiplier. In addition to this, the signpost functions both as a scatter and as a secondary wildcard. And, if three appear during a free-spin session, more free spins are awarded!

In addition to this, the Builder Beaver symbol serves as a wildcard too, making the winning combos come up with great regularity.

Play Builder Beaver Now!

This is a truly extraordinary game. It plays well and it hits winning combinations regularly. We highly recommend that you settle into your favorite gaming chair with a good beverage and some snacks, and get the reels spinning on Builder Beaver Slots for some real money now!