Camper's Cash Slots

Camping time anyone?...

Camper's Cash Slot if a NuWorks slot game, which you can play at Buzzluck Casino and enjoy the "great outdoors". If you are into the whole outdoorsy type stuff, fishing, and the south in North America, then you will definitely relate and/or enjoy this fabulous slot game. The graphics are an easy giveaway of what the game is all about… cabin style, great outdoors, fishing, and just some good old camping - that said, if you still have doubts, which would be impossible - but still, just in case - the sound effects are a dead giveaway of the topic and location of the game's outdoors. The sounds effects include some banjo playing in the background, along with some country mixed with blue grass music.

Symbols and Graphics

The symbols comprising the Camper's Cash Slot game are well designed - simple, yet detailed and sharp - exactly what you need to keep your eyes well entertained and stimulated, while not overwhelming you to the point of tiredness; definitely well done.

Let us start off with the main character which the game is named after, the Camper. The camper is the wild symbol of the game, and as such, it can replace any other image (with the exception of the scatter symbol) in order to make a winning combination for you on the reels and pay-lines; think about it as the joker on a deck of cards.

Following the wild symbol, comes the scatter symbol, which can activate special featured games on the slot. The scatter symbol in this case is the big, happy, funny-looking Grizzly Bear.

To finish it off, we have a campfire, a tent, a drowsy looking Moose, a Canoe, a blue Sleeping Bag, purple binoculars, a folding, green chair, a Bird, a map, an esky (as mentioned in the game, but most commonly known as a cooler), and finally, so you do not get lost in the game, a compass.

Make sure you check all these great images by playing the Camper's Cash slot game at Buzzluck casino.

Features and Jackpots

Compared to many of the other NuWorks slot games, the Camper's Cash slot is comprised of 5-reels with only 9 pay-lines. That does not mean there is less fun to have, it is as much fun as them all, with a possible high prize pool of $5,000 by hitting a 5 of a kind Camper combination! This of course is also the progressive jackpot - 5 campers while playing the 9 lines.

In terms of feature games, there is the 'Happy Camper Pick Feature', which triggered with 3 camper images anywhere, where by selecting any of them will display your instant bonus behind each as well. The instant bonuses can consist of 2, 5, 10 and/or 100 times the bet that gave you the feature game.

Then there is the 'Grizzly Bear feature' when you hit 3 or more bears on a left to right combination. This feature will award you with 9 free games, where all winnings are tripled, with the exception of the progressive jackpot - unfortunately.

Just go wild, out to the wild with the Camper's Cash Slot game, and win big with the numerous feature games and good old fun adventure and soundtracks. Play the Slot game now!