Deal or No Deal Slots

This sounds very suspiciously like a television game show, but how they turned it into a fun and exciting slot is truly an art mastered by Gamesys, the software providers. The show gained popularity fast and many other games have been fashioned after it including board games and now a slot with a progressive jackpot. The excitement is in the unknown. And the thrill is in the decision between two choices, a known amount of cash and an unknown prize. From previous game shows contestants and viewers alike are well aware that the box can be empty or on the other hand the box can contain a prize many, many times the value of the cash. Ultimately the chance of choosing the bigger prize is 50% but this is drastically skewed by the expectations and the suggestion that there may be a skill to the game.

Just like on TV!

Download and join to Deal Or No Deal Classic! Start off by selecting a coin size from 1c to $1. Activate all 20 paylines from 20c up to $20. This is just a regular slot with a whole bunch of regular symbols. Set your bet as you would with any other slot, look out for matching symbols and claim the winnings from them. But wait, there is another feature to this game. It is the element of surprise that is wrapped up in the form of three bonus rounds. These bonus rounds are the very point of playing this game so be sure to have set your bet low enough. The more spins you can 'buy', the better your chances are to play the great bonuses.

If it is the progressive jackpot you are after, well then you have no choice but to play the maximum bet of $20. This is because while the rest of the slot machine is coin based the progressive is not. It is an actual amount and needs to be met with an actual amount. This jackpot is ever growing ticking over seductively as you watch. The progressive can only be won during The Deal Or No Deal Bonus Round, so when you choose to play this game, be sure you are ready for it.

No game, no gain

While you won't find a wild or a scatter symbol in this video slot found in many of the others these days, this game is different and different in a good way. There is a mix of very familiar slots symbols, from sevens and cherries to other fruits such as a lemon and watermelon. And then there are three special symbols, one for each of the fabulous bonus rounds. The symbol with the three mystery boxes is your activation key to the Mystery Bonus Round. The single red mystery box is the trigger for the Progressive Bonus Round. And the telephone is the sign that a once off deal is about to take place.

Are you ready to play Deal Or No Deal?

While playing your slot and enjoying some wins, suddenly the screen goes blank and a lone telephone, set against a red brick wall can be seen in a spot light. Where you would not normally know when a winning spin was coming, now you suddenly do. Still you do not know if this is the spin that can end it for you and hand over the jackpot or if this is one of the smaller gains in slots history. But the game stops and the dealer steps up and offers to buy the spin from you for a given amount. The question is do you take the cash? Or do you take your chances on the spin?

The Deal Or No Deal red boxes need to come up three times on the same payline for the Deal Or No Deal game to kick in. Here you are presented with a 22 red boxes that seem to have popped right out of the game show. Start off by setting aside the one box that you think holds the progressive jackpot. Then turning to the other boxes for each box that you want to open the dealer will offer to buy your box, the more you refuse, the higher his offers get. But this is no indication of what is inside the box. He may well be paying good money for a good for nothing box. So keep your wits about you and bask in the flood of adrenaline. Accepting the bakers offer will end the game but you do need to watch out for an empty box.

The Mystery game is played where you line up three triple mystery boxes lined on the same payline. This game is a mini version of the real game with only half of the boxes. There is also no progressive hidden here. The big win is the WIN ALL box. Open that one and the prizes from the other 10 boxes are added to your balance. Accept the bankers offer or choose the empty box and its back to the reels for another chance.

You've seen it played, you know the drill, now play it for real

Television game show enthusiasts unite! This slot has it all. And this time you are the contestant. All you have to do is keep spinning the reels for more and more chances to play your game. Download and open an account, what's it going to be? Deal, or no Deal?