Reels Royce Slots

With a clever play on words, we introduce Reels Royce Slot, an ode to the classy and classic Rolls Royce of cars. Although you may not have driven one, you can nonetheless imagine owning one when you download and play Reels Royce slots. This car is the "reel deal," and as a classic slot it is very easy to play and offers hours of entertainment.

Roll Out the Royce

A 3-reel, 3-payline classic slot, Reels Royce Slots is quite colorful and features some very familiar symbols. There are two jackpots available: the first is 4000 coins, while the second is 2000 coins. With a $15 max bet, you can use several coin sizes to play this slot game depending on your budget. As it is a straightforward slot game, you can easily refer to the symbols and payouts in the pay table shown to the right of the slot.

R for Riches

The symbols in Reels Royce Slots include some of your favorites: Bars, Cherries, a Reels Royce Seven, and Red Sevens. If you play the max by wagering 3 coins per spin, you can vie for the jackpot by aligning the Reels Royce Sevens on the center pay line to win either jackpot. Although it won't pay for a new Rolls Royce, it can be a nice down payment on a new car nonetheless.

Play Reels Royce Slots

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