Sword of the Samurai Slots

Sword of the Samurai

Let us go back to the days of honour, pride, and sleek skills like no others; back to the ancient Japanese times, with yet more or less current caricature such as manga and anime, illustrating the times of the Samurai… the elite in Japanese martial arts, sword fighting, fighters of honour, and undercover agents in their own way too. That is what this slot game is all about, and hence, the reason it is called the Sword of the Samurai, where you can actually see the sword movements of the graphics as real as the manga/anime cartoon show, and one of the most known out there, Samurai X – a hard-core samurai series and movie.Join and start playing Sword of the Samurai Slots now!

Symbols and Graphics

As you can imagine, the Sword of the Samurai’s main graphic is none other but a Samurai, wearing an ancient samurai suit; not the black undercover one covering their heads, but a colourful hard vest and helmet with what seems to be horns, and finally a sword on hand. This symbol is then a wild symbol that can replace any other symbol on the slot game in order to make a winning combination; all but the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol, which is the symbol that can activate the feature games and/or jackpot of the slot game, is then the Logo of the game; the Sword of the Samurai is what is written on the logo, and has two samurai swords on it, with a short blade, one on top and one at the bottom, and finally a red background on this slot logo.

From there on we move on to very traditional, cultural figures of Japanese history and symbolism, such as a Geisha with an open, red hand fan (and obviously, like all Geishas, with a white painted face), a Castle, but not the English and European style castles, but a Japanese Castle, very unique. A Mountain with a wonderful pink background, and snowy tip… looks like a volcano almost, a Bonsai tree, a blue Flag, and finally a few letters A, K, Q and J, finishing with numbers 10 and 9.

Features and Jackpot

With this fantastic slot game, you will get 8 free games when you get 3 or more of the scatter samurai logos anywhere on the reels, with prizes being tripled, and obviously retriggered being tangible.

With this fantastic 5 reel and 25 pay-line game where you can get up to $2,000 in gaming prizes, you can enjoy great soundtracks and Japanese samurai sword slashing; see for yourself by playing Sword of the Samurai now!