Silk Caravan Slots

As oppose to what you may think, the Silk Caravan slot game does not involve any silk what-so-ever - unfortunately, no high-value, soft fabrics included… but, it does indeed include the feel of caravans, desert caravans with a slight Ali-Baba and the 40 thieves feel to it. Not exactly 40 thieves, nor Ali-Baba anywhere, but, you got the desert, the jewels, and the rough-looking Arab. In addition, you get the extra soundtrack building-up on the caravan experience in this fast-paced slot game.

Symbols and Graphics

As mentioned above, jewels… and a Jewel is the main graphics of this great game; looks more like a ruby, with a purple background and a bright, yellow frame - kind of feels like a picture for the wall. The Jewel is the wild symbol of this game, which means it can replace any other graphic and symbol, with the exception of the scatter, in order to make for a winning combination for you.

The scatter symbol is then the Caravan, which involves all aspects you could imagine, the desert, and several camels walking in line, following the people pulling them along. When it comes to surviving in the desert, there is no one that does it better than those in a caravan, true occupants of the desert. The scatter symbol will then activate feature games and/or jackpots for you, so keep an eye for them too.

The remaining of the symbols in this slot game include: a Lady (a very attractive lady to be precise, with lots of décor in terms of jewels), a Rider (who is the rough-looking Arab), an Oasis (palms, and a refreshing, hydrating , small section of drinkable water), a shiny, red Dagger, two (2) sacs of Spices, and then several letters and numbers, with what appears to be gems incrusted within them given they shine quite a bit; these include an A, K, Q, J and a 10 and 9.

Features and Jackpot

Like any fabulous game provided by the Buzzluck Casino, you will be able to partake on the fantastic feature games and $8,000 jackpot this grand slot game has to offer. That said, we believe you will have a grander time looking through these great payout games by yourself; enjoy this fast paying 5-reel, 50 pay-line slot game that will provide you with the experience of the desert, with precious products at hand, not to mention the ones you will continue winning here - so

join in, and play Silk Caravan now!