Stagecoach Slots

It is now time to go back in time, back to the good old times of the Wild, Wild West… mmmm… ok, maybe good times for a certain few, but you can't neglect the fact that these wild west times are definitely entertaining to watch and learn. They involve some of the most well-known Hollywood flicks, and characters we have grown-up with, or at least that we have slightly heard of. The game will come with soundtracks of the Wild West, and reel spinning speed that even though it is not similar to the speed of a bullet, it is fast in comparison to other slot games and their reel spins, hence, more games within each minute of slot fun!

Symbols and Graphics

Now, instead of having a manly, rough cowboy as the main character, we have a Native America, a Chief, as the wild symbol. The Chief will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, and it will be able to substitute any other symbol of the game in order to get you a paying combination, all but the scatter symbol. You will definitely know who the Chief is, as he will be wearing Native American feathers, lots and lots of them.

Along with the Chief, comes a Teepee… a fortress for him to sleep in. The Teepee has several other Teepees as background in a beautiful cloudless, blue sky. The graphic is used to activate the feature and/or jackpot for this great slot game - as they do for all other slot games too.

Let us more on to more graphics with representation of the Wild West, or this case, of the slot game Stagecoach. We will actually be able to see a Stagecoach as one of the symbols, with two (2) riders, and two (2) beautiful horses, a white one and a brown one. Then we have a Fort - wooden made, trying to protect themselves from the Natives. What you might have believed to be the main character, and who is not, is the next symbol; a Cowboy, which as mentioned above, fits the proper impression one would have for a Cowboy, rough looking, ready to take no hassle from anyone at all, so do not mess with him - just a suggestion. The next symbols are the Captain, with a blue jacket, and white hair and moustache, a Lady, with a very attractive look, and purple dress that accentuates her body well. Finally, we have a Six Gun (silver, shiny gun, with a white handle, that carries six (6) bullets, and that is in a holster-belt), a horse Saddle, a Quiver (which is where you keep the arrows on your back), a Whiskey with a shot glass filled-up, a Cactus, and lastly, a Tumbleweed.

Features and Jackpot

The Teepee Pick Feature is their feature game, which appears after a scatter symbol is shown on any of the reel 1 or 5. You will be shown 5 Teepees out of which a character will appear out of them; if an Indian comes out, you will get 1 free game and another pick, if the Chief comes out, you will get 2 free games and a bonus round triggered. The bonus round is another series of picks on the Teepees. Now, if a Cowboy shows up, 5 free games are awarded and the feature and bonus round will unfortunately come to an end.

Jump on this 5-reel, 50 pay-line Stagecoach with us, and

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