Mammoth Wins Slots

Mammoth Wins Slots

Let us go back into the ancient days, days with huge creatures, creatures of the family of Elephants, with huge tucks and fury coats… that is right, the Mammoths! Enormous animals, which unfortunately have been extinct for several hundred years by the unfortunate ice ace; actually, animals that have once again become extremely popular thanks to the animated Pixar movie, Ice Age, with the Mammoth as the main character, such as this fantastic slot game, accompanied by great characters, such as the saber tooth, the sloth, and cave men/nomads. Because the Mammoth was the main character of the time, and movie, it only seems right to have such a fitting name for a paying slot game called Mammoth Wins – play it now and see for yourself.

Symbols and Graphics

I guess we have ruined the surprise a little by now in terms of what type of graphics you will see on this rocking slot game. Obviously, if the name of the game has it included, then you will know that the main graphic symbol is the Mammoth. That said, little did we know we would see it double, and by double, we mean that we will see the Mammoth symbol occupying the space of two main graphics of the game, the wild symbol, and the scatter symbol.

It is rare to find slot games where the same symbol is both the scatter and wild symbol, but in this case, it is the Mammoth. Technically speaking, the symbols look exactly the same; with the exception that wild is officially called ‘Mammoth’, while the scatter symbol is called ‘Mammoth Scatter’. Not that it helps, cause when you spin the reels, they do not exactly tell you which is which in terms of name – so whatever, just enjoy the fact that you will be able to spot the big wins faster, as the wild symbol can substitute any symbol in order to get you a winning combo, and the scatter will activate the feature games for you to win more – hence, who cares about their names as long as they pay-out more and more, right?

Enough of the Mammoth talk though – like any other slot game, they come accompanied by several other slot games, and these include games such as: a Coin with the name of the game on it (Mammoth Wins) and a mammoth face (it also looks made out of rock or wood), an orange Saber Tooth (which is the ancient mountain cats), a Neanderthal (or cave man, nomad – as you wish), a red nose Cave Bear (probably has a cold), a Sloth (which is a smaller, funnier looking type of Sloth Bear), a Moa (purple bird with a big beak), a Stone Axe (much like the one the Neanderthal is holding), a Fire, Berries, a Club (like a bat with spikes), and finally, a Pine Cone.

Features and Jackpot

Apart from getting the perfect Ice age feeling to the game, with all the right symbols and graphics, it gets even better with the extra games. You can get 9, 18, or 33 free games by getting 3 or more scattered symbols, with tripled prizes nonetheless!

There is more games of course… why would there just be the one for this bad boy of a slot game, but let us leave those for you to find and enjoy the game even more; plus, you will be able to enjoy from a fantastic $13,333 jackpot on this 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot game – so do not wait for this age to come and go again, with animals getting extinct again… play the game now!