Samba Slots

If you are looking for one of the World's greatest events, and greatest parties year after year, after year… then you are in for a treat with the Carnival in Brazil! - obviously, the first city you think of is Rio de Janeiro, as it is the most world recognized thanks to the multiple movies, the Christ on the mountain, and the televised carnival show, but.. Carnival is actually celebrated across all Brazil, and even known to be better than Rio's - if you can believe that! Obviously, like any other great event and treat in the world, it comes with a price, and an expensive one that unfortunately does not allow us all to travel and experience the wonders of carnival, the colors, the radiating music that makes you want to jump and dance, and the dancers moving like no other for both the men's and women's pleasure to view. Thankfully, NuWorks Gaming thought about this, and provided us all with a relating carnival experience, full with colors, sounds, and an even greater pleasure of winning money; a slot game called Samba!

Symbols and Graphics

As you can imagine, carnival comes with some elaborate and colourful costumes on some gorgeous Brazilian women, and this slot game is no exception of that, as their main graphics are of a carnival girl. There is actually 2 symbols representing the wild symbol, which can replace any other symbol with the exception of the scatter graphic to make for your winning combination. These wild graphics are then of a Silver Dancer (which looks more like purple - the costume), and a Green Dancer (which has a hint of green on the costume dress). The Silver Dancer only appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, while the Green Dancer will only appear on reel 1.

The scatter symbol, which is the only graphic that can't be replaced by the wild graphic, and which will activate the feature games after a certain amount of them appear on the reels, is none other but the beats needed for the carnival. Like any carnival, you need music to dance too, otherwise, it is not a complete carnival and party, hence, the symbol is the Drums (a pair of red drums with a couple drum sticks on top of each other).

We then have: a Man (with some maracas), a beautiful, yellow Flower (or flowers), a blue Cocktail (in a martini glass), a green Necklace, and then a series of colourful, shiny, and party-themed letters, such as A, K, Q, J, and the numbers 10 and 9.

Features and Jackpot

The Free Games Features will be activated with a combination of the Green Dancer and the Drums on any section of their reel. The Dancer will give you 50 free games, with the combo of the up to 10x prize multiplier that the Drums bring upon to you. Additionally, you can retrigger the game and get 50 more free games for you.

Come Samba!

- and get your chance at $5,000 jackpot, in this fabulous 5 reel and 25 pay-line slot game.